Someone with the Daishu? - La France au Japon

The purpose of the original Self-Defense Forces is unknown ... Meaning of Daishu is? Daishu (Daech) is an acronym of the Arabic of the [Iraq and the Levant of the Islamic countries. However, this terrorist group is not a nation. The lack of approval of the international community will have to prove it. Brutal acts of terrorism Daishu is, we are departing from the religion that they advocate. Africa, the Middle East, condemned to be repeatedly emitted from the religious high-level people and the Islamic world, which was recognized in Europe and shows it again. Their behavior? Daishu in controlled areas, which took by force, has wielded power through the exercise of extreme violence. This organization, in particular the various and fraudulent transactions, including the smuggling of oil and antiquities, have survived by property usurpation of the rule area residents. Also earns revenue from human trafficking. Ethnic minorities belonging to women and girls - in particular sexual purposes - have been enslaved. Daishu has to child soldiers to recruit boy.