Islam think from the Regional] - Iwate Prefectural University

The purpose of the original Self-Defense Forces is unknown ... Introduction In this lecture There are two purposes. First, the essential Islam on to know the modern world better understand, get a single viewing angle for viewing the culture and politics. Second, the mere not only curiosity to the [foreign affairs], to know the existence of the [Inner Islam] of Japanese society to diversify, is. This is the purpose itself of lessons matter of fact I have is written in the syllabus of are responsible in the Faculty of Policy Management [Overseas Area Studies]. The so-called been made [Islamic countries] sensational coverage On is, repulsive even for religion of Islam, among the misunderstanding and prejudice is swirling, we believe it is very important to understand the local situation and context. From the very basic knowledge of Islam today, I have to for the people of the Muslim (Muslims) in Indonesia and, Iwate Prefecture, specializing, I think I'll try to talk as much as possible clarity. Islamic thinking from the Regional] Global spread of Islam Islam, in such media will be referred to the normal [Islam].

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