Islamic countries and the Japanese stance

The purpose of the original Self-Defense Forces is unknown ... And Islamic countries [Lawrence of Arabia] US and British and coalition of the willing has bombed the controlled areas of Islamic countries (Syria and Iraq). As retaliation Islamic countries, and killed journalists of the United States and the United Kingdom (the hostages). And, until Japan's Goto and Yukawa's no involved in the bombing were killed. Well, [whether the Islamic State of what the, what background they have emerged is], and it is being questioned. To the question, and world history of about 00 years is involved. Of course, even if there is any history, thereby not the presence of Islamic countries is justified. However, another view is open and look back at history. It must be verified and the current nation-state of the real image and the way. Islamic countries, has denied the region the nation-state. Area nation-state is, by entered into the Sykes = pico agreements a year during the First World War, has been unilaterally linearly delineated by France and Russia Britain.

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